Sunday, August 13, 2017

Essence of Love by Kiler Davenport

So many of you have never experienced real tangible in your face love 
The kind that will go to the end with you The kind that does not and will not and cannot judge

I pray that you will understand that you may never find it It is something to be realized 
Something that has to be contemplated and absorbed over time

The essence of love will never show itself What we see dimly is a dim copy of love 
To see the essence would burn your mortal mind to ashes You could not bear it

Love is not something we do It is something we live It runs in the blood of the seeker 
It will not react to external circumstances It will not bow to fear It is eternal and calm

One must give up the self to know its power One must let it rule all things in life 
Love is not weak It is not soft and gentle It is without question all seeing

The extent of its depth never known The core of its being and origin never found 
Nothing will shake it Nothing will kill it And nothing will ever, ever fully contain it

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