Monday, June 8, 2015

From The Desk Of Kiler Davenport: The Power of Reality

As people merge together so do false beliefs, misguided perceptions and wild ideas about the way life should work or is working. Its the wild, wild west of wacky thinking. The big question is how do we avoid this catastrophic coming together. The short answer is we don't.

No two individuals see reality in the same way because they are in very different places in space time. They are coming from completely different directions and are receiving input from many different sources.

We asked how does this possibly make one right and the other wrong. Or both right and wrong in their perceptions of the way reality should work. Both people have been on separate roads. Their programming and indoctrination has come from millions of spaces and places and their capacity to absorb reality and assimilate with the inner and outer world is in stark contrast to each other and this of course is the same when you have many people coming in a group setting. There are hundreds even thousands of personality types and this can make for some very interesting encounters.

One of the key factors here is to grasp the information presented and realize that you are very unique in character and make up that you have your own very personal perspective concerning the way things work. The most important part of all of this is to know that we do not know the boundaries of our unknowing and that all opinions are just that opinions.

Life is a series of words strung together in a way that seems to keep us on course and moving forward in our feeble attempt to grasp this complex matrix. It becomes a problem when one or more people believe that what they are saying or believing is some kind of superior gospel truth and that all other statements must be placed in submission.

People want to feel like they are right. They want to impress folks with what they have learned over the years and this is okay as far as it goes. We run into the big problems when folks begin to take themselves too seriously and fail to realize that everyone thinks this way. Carried to its extent this is the cause of most of the division around the world. It is also the reason for so many wars which cause much pain, violence, suffering, death and destruction.

Something to remember is that everyone has the right to their own opinion. But not everyone can be right. In fact we are much more likely to all be wrong.

© APRI 2015

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