Thursday, May 24, 2018

APRI Broadcasting 2018 on Blog Talk Radio

Welcome to Alternative Public Radio International on Blog Talk Radio!

we invite you to come and listen to reality radio. its deep, straight forward and hard hitting. we do not pull any punches or try and butter up the story. we just give you the hard core facts as we see them from our years of experience in life and living. much of what we cover is beyond shocking and can make folks afraid, but that is the way we roll. we want you to be informed. we want you to be ready for what is to come. there is a war on  for your mind, and the government has us all enslaved in this new world order system. its going to take a full revolution to turn this Country around and get it back on its feet. I hope you will be part of that transformation with us. please tune in and tell your friends to tune in. some of the topics will be chem-trails, mind control, forced vaccinations, science and technology, space weapons, dark state. shadow government. relationships, religion, DNA manipulation, the homeless, affordable housing, health care, elder abuse and neglect, and so much more. see ya on air.

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