Friday, October 31, 2014

The Power of Cross Promotion by Marion Pound

Over the last couple of years we have worked day and night to build a presence on face book. It was very disappointing in the beginning having to find friends and build relationships. As directors, producers, writers, and talk show hosts we were here on face book for a very different reason than most. Our purpose was to build a massive audience, following and fan base for Alternative Public Radio International and to glean support for our missions - advocating for the mentally ill and making people more aware of the tremendous amount of abuse and neglect that is happening to this population. We have also been senior citizen advocates for over 25 years educating the masses on how to navigate this very complicated long term care system, where again abuse and neglect is rampant in the system.

Our objective here has never been about shallow, empty, non-conclusive, clueless social networking. We have always stood on a very strong, solid platform that requires 15 hours a day in the studio making solid connections with other advocates around the world who share our goals and objectives.

As of about a week ago we came up with a plan to start "Project Cross Promote". We know this is being done around the world and we know that some of these cross promotion projects are working very well. Cross promotion and multidimensional marketing is the wave of the future. But most people including authors, musicians, writers, poets and others have a very limited knowledge of how to make this work successfully. If done right cross promotion can build long lasting, powerful, profitable bridges among a very choice group of creative talent.

We have already started the cross promotion project and so far the results have been amazing. This project could be considered street teams on crack. The program is simple. It doesn't cost any money. Measurable results can be realized over night. This is truly an amazingly simple program. It does take time and energy to find folks that you want to cross promote with and then go and promote their pages by inviting ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS to the other members in the group's pages, projects, special events, etc.

We are very surprised to find that only very few people are utilizing this explosive idea. In order to be successful, happy and profitable. You must learn to make social media work for you and overcome the enormous obstacles that one faces when attempting to build a brand.

We are going to be setting up a series of talk shows, video blogs and training seminars to teach those in the creative arts and others how to increase their fan base, customer base, followers and others over night. If you would like to work with us on this program please contact us and let us know. We have the advantage of putting all those who participate on our 27 platforms as well as bring them on air to talk about their project or creative work around the world. You will benefit because we spend 15 hours a day 7 days a week doing this. You maybe thinking why would anyone want to reach out and help total strangers promote their projects and other creative works for free. The answer is short and simple. It helps to build a true and lasting relationship that is beneficial to all who participate. It is a win, win situation. We invite 5,000 people to your page, repost all of your special events and projects on our platforms, share your links on our chat room during our live broadcast, and mention as many of your projects as we can during the week on air.

Email us @ or send us a private message or leave a comment under this post and let us know if you want to start cross promoting. Many people have asked us will this turn into another group. My answer to that is why not. DO NOT CONTACT US UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO PUT IN THE TIME, EFFORT, PASSION, FOCUS AND DETERMINATION TO WORK WITH A TOP GUN GROUP WHO BELIEVES IN TRUE DIGITAL COMMUNITY AND UNDERSTANDS THE DEPTH AND POWER OF THIS PROJECT.


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