Alternative Public Radio International is looking for guests who understand hard core reality and have ideas that are grounded in science, reason and logic. Mysticism and mystery are okay to a point as long as we do not get carried away into la la land. Most folks do not realize just how much trouble we are all in at this moment and they have given up trying. Many are not prepared mentally for what is happening right before their eyes in plain sight.

The zombies, airheads and lame brains abound. They are multiplying like rats in a sewer and these children will grow up and follow.

Alternative Public Radio is on the frings. We live on the edge. Most folks love to hate us because we deal with subjects that are just to hot to handle.

Do you have a story? Are you a host, producer, director, creator, actor, developer, musician or dancer? Would you consider having your own station? We can build you one for $5,000 dollars. Would you like to be a host and learn how to produce?

We believe in cross promotion and team work for this is the future of internet radio. If you would like more information please email us @ with the subject line - read on blog: interested in radio. Also please make sure in the message to leave your name and contact information.