Friday, July 10, 2015

From The Desk Of Kiler Davenport Presents: Hide Behind Make Believe by Kiler Davenport

We hide behind our make believe. We refuse to see the lie. We build thick walls around us so our friends won't see us cry. We try so hard to fit the  mold. We do everything within our power but none of this will mean one thing when we face that final hour.

If only we could be ourselves an open book you know. Just tell it like it is to everyone and then just let them go. If they should not return again we will know they were not true.

We should not live this life of lies. God sees through us and through. Have you ever stopped to wonder how much different life would be. If we would just pour out our lives for all the world to see.

Some of you love to hate me because I refuse to wear the mask. You want so bad for me to tell you what you want to hear but instead I say "Kiss My Ass." You see the love I have is real and from the gut. I hate fakes, frauds and counterfeits. They can all kiss my butt.

This message that I speak to you hear today is real and from the heart. If all of you will listen you can get a fresh new start. Don't be afraid to stand up for what you know is true. Don't be so quick to judge those folks who don't think the way you do. Any fool can make a friend that isn't really true. It is the ones that love you at your worst you must hold close to you.

I hope you have heard all that I've said I may not say it twice. You better read this piece again. It might just change your life.

© APRI 2015

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