Friday, July 10, 2015

From The Desk Of Kiler Davenport Presents: Purpose and Reason by Kiler Davenport

Our purpose is to find reason. Our reason is to find purpose. Our goal is to find each other in ourselves. Our plans will not be fruitful if they are not for the good of all. If it cannot be shared it is not worth having. If not earned it is of no use. If not passed on it is forever lost.

True self worth comes from outside not from within. It is a reflection of deeds done. A confirmation of bonded souls. In our rush to know we ask "where could I be; where should I be?" The answer to this isright where you are in this moment, very present, in perfect form. To be less or more a trick of the senses. To be even right or wrong is but folly. To act out of and above your present level of understanding is the fool's game. To not forgive gives complete power to the unforgiven. To strike the innocent is to dig you a pit. To judge is not good. To bring truth to light is for the good of all.

The best thing in life is to help those who helped themselves. If someone is hurting go to them and stay there. Do not be easy removed. Walk across the sea for a friend in need. Hide yourselves from the users. Seek out those who are wise in the game of life. Stay near to them that they might protect you when the walls come tumbling down around you. Learn to listen. I mean really listen to those who have understanding beyond this earthly realm.

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