Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last Chance by Kiler Davenport

It is the collective mind that is not working. This electorate that is completely absorbed in the self. We have lost our sense to remember what it was like to group up and fight the elements. Our survival no longer depends on us getting along with those around us. At least in this current mind set and the very one that is destroying us.

Americans has given up on the idea that tribes are a good thing. They have become islands until themselves. Lost and greedy souls alone.

It will almost take a major disaster with thousands of lives lost for them to even open up their eyes and begin to realize where they all went wrong. And by that time it will be way too late to fix what is broken.
Up here we beg for community. We search for those who understand its vital importance. This wisdom is somehow missing from the people. Mostly because of modernism and the illusion of convenience. This is a lie and falsehood and will be the end of it,

If only you could see what some of us see and know what many of us know you would change your whole way of life now. Not tomorrow but now. For you would see your coming destruction and the end of life as we know it.

I can sit here and read your life and your future. I can see inside all of you all by just looking at your posts. Look at my posts and then look at yours and see who can feel the heartbeat and pulse of America.
You want solutions. Listen to our shows and read my articles and poems. Yes I can be an ass and yes I can seem crazy at times but all if you must understand that we stay in the war zones where ever we go. We go and live where the action is. Most of you will never see what we see or do what we do. And that my friends s why America is going down the shit hole.

In order to fix this shit you have to be willing to get out there and get in the middle of this shit. Talking about it will not save us and posting bullshit here will not fix or save anyone. You have to be willing to really study, think, get inside where the guts are and cut out the guts of this monster.

You have to know the enemy and how to attack it from the inside and know where its weak spots are. We are dealing with a very dangerous creature here. If most of you were on a real bloody battle field you would have already been killed. If you really want to fight join us on the front line. Help us build this radio station for it could be your last chance to save yourselves and your kids and their kids.

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