Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Mind Boggling by Kiler Davenport

As one looking out over this vast construct I must say with certainty that it boggles my mind this twisted maze of perfect harmony. This illusion of self. The abstract balance. To be confined in this space time continuum is daunting to say the least. The observed and the observer. The complex and seemingly endless array of particles that surround us. The need to know, to unify, to put to rest this craving.
Essence, form, utility demand our attention. It is as if things command conformity and even respect. Could this phenomenal appearance have life of its own? Did we come out of it or did it or it us? One will never know? If the global mind rules then where do I fit or does it even matter.
My mind a string of incomprehensible sensory data marching in like soldiers knowing exactly where to go and most amazingly what to do. The chemical consciousness brigade mixing and mingling with God knows what to make me who I think I am. Who or what guides this chemical soup? Who puts it all together and say now you are you?
Each cause with its effect and each effect with its cause. Does one need the other? Are both the same? Just a long and continuous stream of external events made to order. And what about God, the I AM, the Word, the Alpha, Omega. These all require presupposition and drama. Does the clay the know the potter, the fish the fisherman, the reflection the one looking into the mirror?
How absurd and self absorbed could one be as to think it really matters. On our self absorbed and deluded conquest we beg to be special, to have meaning, to make our mark as small as it may be. We continue to ask the impossible question (WHY?).
Can’t we just be content with our little part, our unknown place in the game? Can’t we just learn to be present in the process? Be absorbed in the means and not the end. It is my conclusion that the end is the start of a new beginning so both are one in the same.
You have been given and do possess the power to change, to alter the course of events, to move mountains if you will. So go and learn to just be in the present, in the now.

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