Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Standing on a Different Platform by Kiler Davenport

We are swallowing those who stand on a different platform. We want to kill that which we do not agree with or understand. Most bow to this new world order media and feed it as feeding sharks the blood of the innocent. The clueless abound. The nuts are falling from the trees of these zombies parents.
Heads down praying to these digital gods. Churches filled to the brim with empty headed people who have forgotten how to use their own heads and think for themselves.
Our oceans are being poisoned as lamebrains sun themselves on these very beaches. Our children have no hope. They are drowning in stupidity and foolishness. Heads buried in the sand of this empty void we call the culture.
A society completely out of control and lost in this sea of information overload. Very few want to explore this molten pit of reality. It smells. The dead are there. The innocent are there. The dead and rotten bodies are there.
We have surrendered ourselves to these corporate pimps. We have had intercourse with demons. We have opened our minds to this nasty pit. This place of the dead walking.
How much longer can this be? How long can we endure? The few rule the many. Indoctrination has trained us to go back and lick up our own vomit over and over and over again. This system is beyond broken and we are past the point of no return. We will now become what we have created. We will now pay for what we have ordered.

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