Friday, October 31, 2014

APRI PRESENTS: Kiler Davenport Live on Mixcloud - Interview with Ashley Barron

Ashley Barron Interview by Kiler Davenport by Kiler Davenport on Mixcloud

With a love of all things country infused in her bones, Ashley Barron is giving country music a generous dose of her signature, adventurous spirit. A true American, Barron is the face of authentic country music. A patriotic, God-loving country girl, Barron isn’t afraid to let her true self shine. Whether she is shopping, camping, shooting, or hunting, Barron is all about spontaneity and finding adventure in life anyway she can. Describing herself as an old soul, Barron is fully attuned to her past and the way it has shaped her life today. A diverse mix of Native American, English, Irish, Norwegian, and German ancestry, Barron is strongly committed to her family. Barron is the youngest of four children, and she’s very grateful for the lessons she has learned from her older siblings. Her family is very close-knit, and no one ever misses the annual houseboat trip on the lake. With their mutual love of the mountains, water, sports, and all things outdoors, it’s no wonder the annual trip is a favorite among family members even after all these years. God’s latest blessing in Barron’s life is the release of her new single, “It Might Get Loud.” Already making waves on iTunes, listeners are loving her song, calling it “fun and catchy.” Barron blends all of her life experiences together into her music, bravely giving the world a glimpse into her soul – her down-to-earth, passionate, giving soul.

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