Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Artifact We Call Human by Kiler Davenport

This will be hard for most of you to grasp life is a process, an event, a form. It begs explanation not from itself. It holds no secret mysteries. It seeks not to be aware of itself. It is not even an it.
The artifact we call human. This brief anomaly self. This incomprehensible, unknowable event so recent to invisible equipped with sense and senses. To be in the midst of and seem to receive stimuli from so called external sources boggles the mind and distorts one’s ability to probe even the most simple question such as — why are we here; where did we come from; where are we going to end up. To the keen observer none of these questions can be answered. many of you will spend your whole life trying to figure it all out. Others could really care less or at least that’s the way it seems at first glance.
Heat is not hot. Cold does not freeze. Flowers do not bloom. Rain does not fall. All of this is illusion. Your mind is not within your body. Your body is not separate from the ground you walk on. Time is a silly construct of the mind. Our ability to make things up.
We must feed our senses and make sense of the senseless. Yes, the process is complex and unknown because the process lives within the answer and the answer is the unknowable. You are the answer. We are the answer. The answer needs no questions. Questions come with the package of the senses. The need to know. The need to explain this is absurdity. Ah yes the process. You are the process. The process is all there is. The rest is just your imagination.

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