Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Frequency by Kiler Davenport

Those things forced will come back to center. Light will continue to seek its source. The beginning of one thing and the start of another are one in the same. As so the planets rotate so do we. The ebb and flow of life and death the same. Everything that ever was are contained in the atom.

To feel, to touch, to sing, to see and hear are a temporary insanity. As we think so we are not.
My words will here will be filtered through your limited experience and ability to reason. God cannot remove the past any more than a pig can fly. Meaning comes through giving of yourself.

This moment is forever and the only one you have. To play the game and win one must know the rules. Pain and suffering will always catch you no matter how fast you run and no matter where you hide. What is done can never be undone.

Time and space are an illusion. It is better to be dead than to be foolish and clueless. Your children will surely drink from the glass of poison water that you poured.

You will soon, very soon, experience that sting of death. Make this moment count and be wise in your doings. Your dreams and ambitions are empty space. LIVE THERE!

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