Sunday, August 13, 2017

Counter Culture Rules by Kiler Davenport

It is not those who do the right thing who get to the top. That is what everyone is trying to do. It is those who understand that doing the wrong is unique and will give you an edge over all the rest.
Always think the opposite. Stop trying to blend in. Be unfashionable. The common place is a dangerous place to be. When you get caught swimming naked wrap the towel around your head.

Making the right decisions will never get you anywhere. Take the hard and twisted road. There you will have wonderful exposure and the oath won't be crowded with easy riders. Start bad decisions and go where very few have gone. Stay away from the easy option. Stop living your life through other people.
People tell me all the time "Kiler I am in trouble" and I say "Someone is going to kill you" and they say "No" then I say "Then you are not in trouble".

You know why you could not afford the house of your dreams because it stayed in your dreams. There is only one person that can determine the outcome of your life and that is you.
Knowledge makes us play safe. Being all grown up keeps us from seeing the magic. Let the kid in you open your eyes to new and fantastic possibilities and opportunities.

Remember you are nothing more than the decisions you make. No more no less. If you just want enough money to get by and pay your bills that is all you will ever have and the brains to go with it.

It is up to you. You can sit around and try to please everyone or you can lead the way to new and exciting ways of living and doing. I say if it ain't broke, break and see why. Don't sit around trying to make something perfect. Fix it as you go. Instead of asking people if they like the piece you have done. If you really need feedback ask them if they can see what is wrong with it.

You have to be or want to become or you will never and I mean never become it. Fantastic, powerful, and successful people have very healthy egos. The difference is they combine it with wisdom and creativity.
Never worry what the fuck other people are thinking. Guess what they are worried more about what you are thinking. Never be yourself because you do not have one. Be what you have to be to win.

Do you really think you are you? Do you really think you have an opinion? You are simply a multiple of many. This is why you must try and find your voice. You do not even have a point of view but neither does anyone else. It is a game of chance. You sell them. They sell you. The key to unlock the door to higher learning and wisdom is to always keep this in mind and use it as a trump card to those who do not.

The true genius never runs with the pack. You will not tell them what to do. They will not conform. They are often outcast, under the bridge, behind the building, at the shelter, the dirty one, greasy hair, dirty fingernails, feet might stink. Is this you? Probably not. Keep striving.

We are always becoming. We are a process, an anomaly. We must rise above culture, tradition, self, persona, concepts, ideas, flavor, attitude, stance, even personal experience to be able to see from the other side of the box.

Stop making the right decisions. That is what everyone else is doing.

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