Friday, November 14, 2014

APRI PRESENTS: Author Rhea Woodruff

About Author Rhea Woodruff

Born in 1973, Rhea Woodruff was raised in a military family. As a result, she and her family moved every four years. Along the way, she met a number of special people, and had many incredible experiences, both good and bad. As a result of her severe learning disability, she has worked harder than most people to fit in and to do a good job; and as a result she has accomplished much in her life. Rhea loves to write. Her dream has been to become a published author; and with the publication of her first book, Growing Up Special, her dream became reality. "Don't give up on your dreams," says Rhea. "They will come true if you don't give up on them." Rhea lives in New Orleans area and plans to enjoy being an author for the first time while working on her next book.

About Rhea's First Book

When Rhea Mayfield was born, her doctors believed she would never be able to walk or to talk. As a baby, when she wasn't crawling at the stage she should have been, the fact she was suffering from a severe learning disability gradually became clear. However, much more than having a disability, Rhea was, and is, a very determined person who has overcome many obstacles in her life. Rhea has blossomed into the most loving, caring, and well-intentioned individual you could ever meet. All she wants is to be loved and treated like a normal person. Rhea has had a dream of becoming an author; and with uncommon pluck and determination is working hard and striving to achieve that dream. This book is her start. In sharing her story within the powerful and heartfelt pages of GROWING UP SPECIAL, you will meet this extraordinary woman, and find inspiration in her story of triumph over adversity. It is Rhea's hope that you will enjoy it, and come away with the message that disabilities and adversities can be overcome, and that dreams can become reality. If you want to understand her, Rhea says you have to read her book and treat her right.

About Rhea's Second Memoir

When Rhea Woodruff was born, her doctors were concerned. After some testing, they concluded she would probably never walk or talk. As time progressed, Rhea proved them wrong, but the full scope of her developmental delays were clearly evident. Despite her disability, Rhea remained determined to overcome the obstacles in her life, and she has developed into a kind, caring, and capable individual. All she ever wanted was to find love and be treated like everyone else. After much heartache and many disappointments, her dreams of becoming a wife, mother, and author are now a reality. Rhea hopes readers will find inspiration in her candid chronicle of rebounding from adversity. Born Special proves that the toughest challenges in life can be overcome. By sharing the outcome of her personal struggles, Rhea has succeeded in delivering the message that you should never give up on your dreams.

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