Monday, November 17, 2014

APRI PRESENTS: Maiden Voyage Ministries with Host Kiler Davenport

Maiden Voyage Ministries is a bridge over troubled waters. It is a shining light in a dark world. We live in a very complex and incomprehensible matrix. We understand very little about the world we live in and even less about ourselves. So far nothing has worked to bring us all together. We strive for unity, community, fellowship, solidarity, unification, and that feeling of togetherness and we fail miserably. Our world is slowly dying. We are destroying ourselves, depleting our resources, poisoning our air, water, and land. People are suffering all over the world.Children are starving, innocents are being slaughtered all in the name of God and so called democracy. What if anything can we do to turn this around or at least slow it down and help people once again to feel a sense of peace and security. Tune in as we explore these many challenges that we are all faced with everyday. We invite you to make this station a regular part of your life. Enjoy the program. Share it with friends, family, and coworkers.

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