Thursday, December 1, 2016

Dance This Dance by Kiler Davenport

As we dance this dance the ice is getting thinner and thinner. The sky is falling and the ground is cracking under our feet. People are the dead walking. The clueless abound. The spoiled are rotten. Kids are trapped in concrete. The parents deluded and stoned on this new world order. Enslaved by self pity and stupidity.
Lamebrains staggering through the streets like zombies going to a blue light special. As millions suffer and die they play computer games and act as if some magic elf is watching over all of the children and spreading eye candy throughout the land.
What will it take to wake these idiots up? How hard do we have to hit them? What kind of damn disaster will it take here in their backyard for them to open up their blind eyes and see the dangers that befall us.
Men are just as clueless as women and the nuts are not falling very far from the tree. We are a clueless, lazy, spoiled, selfish, greedy, programmed people. I see the dead walking everywhere and they have this glazed look on their face as if there is nothing there. Is it self imposed this emptiness? Does it come from the outside? The food, the air. These mind control projects created by the secret government.
What happened to this big march on Washington? Where are all these bad asses anyway. At the mall.

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