Friday, December 23, 2016

The Illusive Power of I by Kiler Davenport

The illusive power of the I will not sustain us. This delusional fixation of the proposition of the we is a fiction. True and lasting collaboration is a daunting task. Even so we must grasp for it and long for it. Wonderful, creative and energetic minds working together to solve the world’s most pressing issues.
Most of you are powerless and lazy. You shutter at the thought of having to work hard to find and keep productive relationships. Soon you will have settled into your meaningless, empty, endless grave and you will stay until the grave consumes your cold dead rotting body. Never mind that we are drowning in a massive sea of shit. Forget the fact that we have created hell on earth for the children.
Don’t even think about how we treat each other. Just continue to pretend that you are special and continue believing that someone or something is going to swoop down and save us all from these dangers that we invented. Keep your clueless head buried in that television it will all be over soon.

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