Friday, December 23, 2016

Fragments and Broken Bones by Kiler Davenport

There is nothing left but fragments of what was. We walk through broken bones of a land lost to the clueless. We walk side by side with the slaves of this demented world. These zombies number in the millions and their children follow them down to the slaughter house blindly. Every step they take has been ordered by the machine. Every word they speak has been programmed into them. There will be no escape from this self made prison. Their DNA has been altered forever and they know not what they do. Some of us could not be bought or enslaved into this mind trap.
These new zombies are very dangerous and violent. They have become the watchers and will take your soul to the masters. Avoid them at all cost and avoid their children. When mixing them pretend to be like them. Blend in and act as they do or they will sniff you out and report you.
We are deprogramming as many as we can but our team is tired and overworked. These zombies come from all walks of life and blend in very well themselves. Some are hard to spot and will fool you so be careful and always alert.

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