Friday, December 23, 2016

Your Brain on Vaccines by Kiler Davenport

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a move on to get you vaccinated and your children and all of your friends. The problem is they will soon be forced. You must make a critical decision and think really hard about what we have discovered in all the years of our research. The new world order has engineered and deadly poison that will be put into your body and travel straight to your brain and be there for life and it will be able to carry itself to your offspring and to their offspring.
I would never put our lives at risk unless I knew this is fact and happening NOW. We may not be here very long because of what we know and who we are connected with. Please share this information.
If you have already been infected then you will pass by this and never give it a second thought. Those infected will also turn you in if you talk of resistance. They have bee programmed to do so.
This is the final hour people and I, we, do not know what will happen from this point on. Protect yourself and your family but be prepared to fight. If you refuse to take the shot you will be put on the black list and rounded up at a later date along with your children and locked into a re-education facility.

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