Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Attitude = 100% by Kiler Davenport

I know that most of you want more out of life. You want to experience the fullness of your existence. You want the most of the most. The best of the best, be it God’s will of course. The problem is that most people can’t get out of the box. The same old, same old, you know, that everyday grind. That methodical madness that we call the rat race, running and chasing your tail, three steps forward and four steps back. The never-ending battle to keep up with the Jones’ and the Smiths’; the seemingly uphill climb, only to find yourself back at the starting point frustrated, confused, wondering why me Lord.  What have I done to deserve this? Am I being punished for my past? Won’t I get ahead, and on, and on, and on?
  God did not give us this magnificent chance to get a glimpse of his creation, only to sit around and feel sorry for ourselves. Your mission, if you should decide to accept it, is one of explosive energy, progressive development, and mind-blowing communication. 

 The major difference between the haves’ and the have nots’ is the ability to realize your responsibility. We have to be  more than believers we have to be doers. The star players in this final act. There is no time to waste. And there is no time to sit down, and let the grass grow under your feet. You have to make up your mind which team you want to be on. There’s only two, the right one and the wrong one. It’s up to you. Make your choice. It’s not really a difficult decision. All you have to do is stop and think. Take just a moment to think about your life. Lay it all out on your mental table. Are you happy, healthy, content, peaceful, fulfilled; or are you confused, fearful, depressed, angry, and agitated? Attitude is everything. I’ll say it again; attitude is everything.

Take a piece of paper, right now, and write out the word ATTITUDE. Now assign each letter the number that letter corresponds to and add those numbers up. Guess what, they add up to 100%.  A=1, T=20, T=20, I=9, T=20, U=21, D=4, E=5 = 100%. Attitude is everything folks.

 You can’t hide it; you can’t even deny it. It’s who you are. It’s the outside of your inside. It let’s everybody know whose team you are on. Some of you have learned to alter your attitude to fit your immediate needs, to get what you want, to razzle and dazzle, or to glaze, daze, and amaze. If you are a good attitude watcher you can spot the spoiled brats, the uppity- uppity, wannabe’s, high falutin’ tootin’, new money, old money, no money, high rolling, dope smoking, beer drinking people everywhere

 What does your attitude say about you? Are you outgoing, easygoing, easy to love, forgiving, demanding, hateful, or deceitful? Take a long, hard look at your self. I mean a really good look. What do you see? What does God see? Are you happy with who you are, right now at this moment? Would you like to make changes? If you needed a roommate, would you move in with you? Would you like to make some changes? Would you like to work with you, go on vacation, go to church, school, shopping? Do you like you when you look in the mirror? Think about it, contemplate it, study it, and understand it. Don’t ignore the issue.  Everyone watches you, just like you watch them. Your attitude will make you or break you. Pick one.

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