Monday, December 26, 2016

Crazed Consumers by Kiler Davenport

The question really is when do we get fed up enough to fight. How much more has to happen before we kick some ass. Does shit have to start falling out of the sky in our mouths before we act. Will taxes have to go to 50% before we open our eyes? Are any of you stupid enough to believe that any of this will get better? Are you so clueless and uneducated that you see nothing wrong? Lots of you lamebrains out there.
I guess most of you would agree that we are in some kind of trouble, even those with shit for brains. The thing that really worries me is that we are sheltering the children from the truth and the hard core reality. But when you have so many parents here who are 10 bricks short of a full load this is what happens. The nut falls not very far from the tree.
Anyone who would even think about having a baby in this climate is a complete idiot. These clueless, welfare sucking fools just keep popping these little monsters out. They are like roaches falling off the kitchen ceiling. They are everywhere. Like rats in the sewer. Another little crazed consumer.

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