Monday, December 26, 2016

Completely Clueless America by Kiler Davenport

The majority of Americans even those who are educated are completely clueless as to how this government really works from the inside out. Yes there are hard working people and they pay their taxes and contribute but that is the problem because government is getting away murder. It amazes me when the radio team goes out and talks to people on the street most are dumb as a box of rocks. And the ones who do stay up on the main stream media are even more clueless than those who do not even watch the news.
There are several things going on here and it is very important to know how this game works. Remember super secret government controls everything in the world and these are the guys and girls who remain in the dark shadows and pull all of the strings. He who has the gold makes the rules and believe me these people have lots and lots of gold. They control every aspect of our lives from behind this stone wall. In the US they both directly and indirectly control the house and the senate. They have positioned people in key areas of community, town, city, county, and state positions. These operatives do their bidding like it or not, know it or not.
It is a mind game and these global elites know how to play because they made up all the rules. Many things that happen at the local levels are not really directed by the order unless things get out of hand or start to take a wrong turn or possibly effect a larger plan and then ruling world counsel will step in and take control.
The citizens in the world are a booger in the nose to these world rulers and mainly act as slaves, piggy banks for the already mega rich and of course are the back bone of the system using their slave labor to keep things running smooth. Citizens have been trained and beat down so that they stay out of the way here on fake book. This is the dead beat street of the lame brain and the lost and lonely. This new world order loves fake book because they can keep a really good eye on all of us and know what we are thinking, feeling, and doing.
Most of you are so stupid that you just lay your life all out here including your dirty laundry for all to see and the government loves this kind of free lunch. Yes, the majority here on face book are just plain stupid and clueless. Like little rats in a maze you run and run and run. If most of you had a real working brain you would take it out and play with it.
Your programming is so complete and locked in that my words and wisdom will fly in one ear and out the other. Alternative media is not better than the mainstream. Our perspective is just different and a little more exciting. We entertain and amuse. We are still talking to the same clueless people that live and work and support the main stream. Its all really pointless but we continue to reach out in hopes that a few will listen and learn. Most of you are sucking the tit in one way or another and you are a consumer. You run and run and run and never move an inch. You will do tomorrow the same thing you did today. NOTHING.

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