Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Stuck on Stupid by Kiler Davenport

Many folks are stuck on stupid and clueless and this is the way they like it. They are comfortable living in these false comfort zones. They have no idea how much danger we are in and just how fast things could go from bad to really bad. Most minds are very easy to control and the government knows this very well.
The majority of Americans are being controlled by the machine and are clueless that they have been taken over. Their kids are also under control and command of the borg. A few of us have escaped and cannot be controlled. We believe this is because we grew up on the farm and had our own milk cows and drank from our own wells. We also grew up away from the city and deep in the woods.
Most of you are deep into the matrix and will never escape. This is a fact and must be dealt with. Those zombies who feed the machine and live for the machine will forever be in the machine. Those of us who have not had our minds warped must stick together for the end is close. The house of cards is getting ready to fall.

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