Saturday, December 17, 2016

Same Exact Things by Kiler Davenport

So you got up this morning and you did the same exact thing you did yesterday morning what real good is that. All of you, each and every one of you must get out of the grind of the same old same old if we are to progress to a level that exceeds this one. Otherwise it will just be your programming that is running things and that is not a good thing.
For most of you this post will seem obscured and you will not even respond with wisdom. You are so hell bent of yourself that you can only see that and nothing else. I am always fighting against my old worn out self and its programming and indoctrination.
What will you post today and how and who will it help? Where will you go today? What will you do and why? Will you try  and find folks just like you to hang with because the others are just to different from with the homeless. Do you volunteer for the battered women’s shelter? Do you go and volunteer for the mental health association?
Tell me if you believe that you are making a really big difference for those who are in pain and suffering and dying. Tell me if you are out there on the front lines like we and our teams are doing the dangerous and difficult work that most do not want to do and will not do. Are you teaching your kids about the world? Have you told them of the world you help create and just how dangerous it really is? Are you going out and buying more things on the credit to make yourself happy? Tell me what you will do today that is really worth a shit please.

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