Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Planet Blip by Kiler Davenport

We will continue on this present course of self destruction because it is in our nature. Cultures come and go like the changing of seasons. We cannot be anything but who we are. When one can sit back and observe as an outsider, then one has found a sense of enlightenment, a portion of wisdom. To see things from a distance is to see the foolishness of it all. The fads, the clicks, perks, special deals, relationships, dogmas, creeds, ideas, concepts, even colors, shapes, dimensions, space, time, matter.

Humanity is but a blip on the eternal radar. An insignificant moment in an incomprehensible thing we call reality. We use, we abuse, we squander and waste. Constantly on the lookout for ways to do it better, faster, leaner, and meaner. Always trying to get that advantage, that edge. We dominate our space, strangle with intensity, consume with a vengeance, a free for all of vane imaginings. In denial of our shortcomings, apologetic as we step on each other, and hell bent on getting there first.
Searching for G-D in quantum is like a small child sitting in the seat of a 747. Our technology primitive and unseen by the universe. Toys in the hands of mad men. Foolishness that will fade like a fallen leaf.

Our failure is in our quest. Our downfall in our ability to recognize ourselves and asked who are we, what are we, where are we. Our resources are limited. Our time is short. Our power feeble and misused. We suck the energy from each other. We are devouring ourselves from the inside out. We think too much of ourselves as if this was all a gift because we are so special.

We talk of one nation under G-D while dancing like wild whores with the underworld. We freely give ourselves to the darkness. Our brains are out of control craving more and more. The abnormal has become the in thing. The twisted has become our bed fellow. We shall not escape ourselves. We cannot put the pieces back together. We cannot turn our head and make it all go away.

 Death will come sure and swift. It will devour us completely. It will take us down to that dark place where choice is not an option. Free will does not exist and second chances are null and void.

The time to act is now while we still can. The time for change is now in this present moment. Your opinion is like a bird with a broken wing. Your status a fool’s game. Your education a handicap. When death comes knocking at the door will you be ready. Can you say come in I have done my good deed. I have been the good neighbor, the good friend, the good boss, the good person. Can you say you are ready.

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