Friday, December 23, 2016

Nasty Taste of Reality by Kiler Davenport

Reality has a really nasty taste and many try to keep it from their lips and out of their mouth all together. When one really looks hard at one’s self it is not a pretty picture. We have fallen so far short of the mark and neglected our responsibility for taking care of ourselves and others in need. We have let our children remain empty of the real world. We have sheltered them from the suffering and pain of those millions around the world and have let the mainstream schools indoctrinate and program these little ones.
As we move through this dangerous matrix our minds are closed for repair and that repair seems to never come. We look to the skies for a Savior and that very Savior asked to do things even more powerful than he did.
Most are so afraid to look at the true balance sheet for it is there that they see the end of us because our deep sleep. Let us somehow come together and have a deep fellowship. Let us try and see what love really is and let us pray for a revival.

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