Sunday, November 23, 2014

APRI PRESENTS: United We Stand & Divided We Fall by Kiler Davenport

I woke up this morning after tossing and turning all night long thinking just how many people in the United States have swallowed all the lies of the mainstream media and how many children are being programmed and indoctrinated by their own parents and even extended family. These lies are so deeply ingrained in our culture that it is almost impossible to have a conversation with anyone concerning what some call the New World Order or secret government.

Many of you know that we have an alternative public internet radio station. We serve in our community. We have developed many programs, projects, special events and missions that deal very directly with opening peoples' eyes up to this new way of thinking, looking and acting within this world.

When I look at the station's many facebook pages it makes me sick to my stomach. Cognitive dissidence abounds in many forms, shapes and sizes. Clueless zombies walk these streets like staggering drunks. The nuts are falling from the trees of these clueless, uneducated young women at a staggering rate. Everyone is out for the me, me, me. This culture is two faced, counterfeit, confused, deluded, lazy, spoiled and demented.

As millions are being slaughtered around the world the majority could really care less. As long as you remain in your comfort zones, warm in your little soft beds, addicted to your microwaves, bound to your big screens, tucked away in your narrow mindedness.

Our children are being taught that nothing is wrong. They follow the examples of their parents and they follow the examples of their friends who have clueless parents. My dad used to call it the blind leading the blind. Many of you do not realize that we have passed the point of no return. We have dug ourselves a bottomless pit. We have fallen off the deep end into the abyss. If you all could only stop for a moment and think. I mean really think about what I am saying here you might be inclined to come and be a part of our station that reaches around the globe.

Facebook is a trap, a prison, a place of bondage, misinformation and disinformation. It keeps the clueless even more clueless. It has succeeded in dumbing down the population to the point where people cannot even have a conversation that makes any sense. We built this station for you. We created this network to be broad in its scope, diverse in its reach and direct and to the point in its action. With all of the negativity and analysis of the current culture we are still committed to education, self empowerment, direct action and the ability to open peoples' eyes to the many harsh, dangerous and deadly realities that are before us.

We get thousands of likes. We reach thousands of people. But what does this mean. How can this be important if people are not directly engaging with us. If they are not directly participating to further our many causes. Jealousy abounds in this network. It is over run with monstrous, out of control egos and self grandizement. It is a catch all for the walking dead. The only hope that we have in this country is to come together directly and work together passionately towards solutions that can pave the road ahead for those young ones in our midst.

I urge you today to be a part of this network. We are not asking you for money. We are not stars looking for fans or groupies. We do not think of ourselves as special in anyway shape, form or fashion. But we have built a solid platform that can be used to change the course of history. But we must do this as a collective unit. We must set short term goals and objectives. We must be able to get along with each other as different as each of us are. Please comment on this work today. Engage with us. Work with us. Let us promote your causes, your creative arts, your music, your books, your dance troops, your poetry. We can bring life to this empty space we call Facebook. We can glean measurable results from our collective unit. We can alter the matrix, the very strand of this web of consciousness. Together we rise. Divided we fall.

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